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ČGS South Bohemia

Borkovická Marshland

The Borkovická Marshland can be found in the part of the Soběslavsko-veselská Marshland. The road to the peatbog starts on the parking lot, an imaginery entrance gate to the area of the Borkovická Marshland nature reserve and the beginning of the trail called Blatská Nature Trail. The nature trail is 5.5 km long and acquaints the visitors with a distinctive marshland culture, methods of peat digging as well as the peatbog flora and fauna. The subject of protection in the Borkovická Marshland nature reserve is the unique residues of the original stands of bog pine (Pinus uncinata subsp. uliginosa) and other marshland plant species. The peatbog itself began to emerge more than 10,000 years ago. The nature trail also includes an exhibition of logging machines which were used to dig the peat until recently.

GPS position

N 49° 13.517', E 14° 38.195'



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