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ČGS South Bohemia

Kleť Mountain – Krásetín parking lot

The site is located in the Bohemian Forest foothills in the Blanský Forest protected landscape area, about 6 km far from Český Krumlov. Krásetín and the 1084 m high mountain top Kleť, a highest peak of the Blanský Forest, are connected with a cable railway. The fans of hiking are allowed to climb the mountain top using the footpath that leads directly below the cable railway. There is the oldest stony lookout tower in the Czech Republic (finished in 1825) on the summit which is predominantly formed by the granulite-type rocks. Also noteworthy is the observatory on the Kleť summit which ranks among the top observatories worldwide in the field of the planet observations. The Kleť nature reserve protecting the natural stands of beechwoods with firs and detrital woods on higher levels is located on the north-west slope of the mountain.

GPS position

N 48° 52.683', E 14° 18.016'



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