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ČGS South Bohemia

Pohoří in the Bohemian Forest

In the Middle Ages, a part of the Velešín homestead was incorporated in the territory of this small town, which looked like a dense primaeval forest Buchenwald then. The decision on the first settlement of the then wild and inaccessible landscape was first made by the Count P. E. Buquoy. The first houses in Pohoří were built alongside the road to Freistadt in 1758. After the population census in 1890, a number of houses in the small town of Pohoří along with the adjacent colonies totalled to 186 with 246 Czech and 1077 German people residing inside. The inhabitants dealt with farming, manual domestic work as well as glass painting and gilding. The specific methods of glass decoration have spread to a large extent from here. Reforestation started after 1946 when the German natives were forced to leave. The houses were torn down and the compulsory transfer continued until 1978 where the majority of remaining houses was destroyed. Today, the village is being reinvented.

GPS position

N 48° 36.239', E 14° 41.950'



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