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ČGS South Bohemia


It is the most incredible place in the mountains. At the time when there were a plenty of empty houses everywhere and the village were torn down after WWII, this village was built. The purpose was clear – it was needed as the garrison facilities. In 1951, a wooden house was built on the concrete base plate by the Ulrich Hiesel´s homestead for the border guards as well as two panel semi detached houses for the officer families. Nowadays, there is no electricity in Ulrichov and the roads are behind the prohibitory signs. The panel houses in the forest thus seem as an apparition to the visitors. The nearby Ulrichov nature monument protects the primaeval forest stand of blossomy beechwoods.

GPS position

N 48° 37.097', E 14° 38.651'



Česká geografická společnost
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