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ČGS South Bohemia


The meadow where the construction of houses for the rafts men and lumberjacks´ families started around 1750 was previously called „Huskerwiese am Buchersbache“. In the late 80´s of the 18th century, the other lumberjacks´ houses were built here. To honour his younger brother Leopold Albert, the Count Johann Buquoy named the colony Leopoldsdorf. The shingle mill was created here in 1863 and 60 years later also a shoemaker’s shop, taproom and tobacco shop appeared here. The population of Leopoldov was 201 inhabitants who live in 21 houses. After the World War II, the then municipal authorities were first reluctant to populate the colony surrounded by deep forests, however, this eventually happened. The new settlers were mainly the Ruthenians who were felling the timber in the surrounding forests. Today, mainly the buildings used for recreational purposes and the abandoned dormitory for the forest workers can be found in Leopoldov.

GPS position

N 48° 38.749', E 14° 38.412'



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