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ČGS South Bohemia


In 1794, Mr. Josef Mayer built another glassworks near the colony of Stříbrné Hutě, which was later named Bonaventura after the imperial General Karel Bonaventura Buquoy. The glassworks was leased by the Mayer family until 1816 when it became administered by the Nové Hrady demesne and merged under common administration with the glassworks in the neighbouring Stříbrné Hutě. More than 20 glassmakers were employed in this glassworks until 1881 when the glassworks were completely shut down along with the plant in Stříbrné Hutě. The glassworks played a major role during the revolt of the Buquoys´glassmakers who rebelled against the reduction of wages ordered by the Count Buquoy in March 1824. As a result, also the glassmakers in the glassworks Pavlina, Skleněné Hutě and Janovy Hutě began striking a month later. The colony of Bonaventura, now called Skleněné Hutě, had 10 houses and 84 inhabitants. It was levelled with ground in 50´s of 20th century.

GPS position

N 48° 38.593', E 14° 42.382'



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