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Žofín Primaeval Forest

Located east of Žofín, nearly 2 km far from the Czech borders with Austria, the Žofín Primaeval Forest is the oldest national nature reserve in the Czech Republic (it was founded in 1838). The Count Georg Franz Buquoy, a famous nature lover, excluded this area of nearly 40 hectares out of the common farming land and designated it as a nature reserve. Although he prohibited timber harvesting, litter raking and waste wood picking in the forest, the dry and blown down trees were processed here for many years. In 1888, a total area was increased to 60 hectares and then to nearly 100 hectares in 1930. On 31 December 1933, the primaeval forest was declared a full reserve with the spruce, fir, beech and maple stands by the then Ministry of Education and National Public Awareness. In 1945, the primaeval forest (covering a total area of 102 hectares) became the state property and then it was completely closed to the public due to the proximity of the borders. The nature reserve was dominated by the well-known “Žofín Queen”, a 51-metre tall and 425 years old fir tree which was blown down in January 1975.

GPS position

N 48° 40.513', E 14° 42.430'



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