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ČGS South Bohemia

Zlatá Ktiš

The former colony had 23 inhabitants – lumberjacks who used to live in a few cottages, one of which being used as a modest inn. After 1918, the colony received a new Czech name “Zlatá Ktiš” derived from the German Goldentisch. At the place of the former village, only the scrubby cellar residues on the side of the artificial water reservoir and the cross near the road on the damp have remained. The nearest inhabited place now is the colony Javory – Žofín. The artificial water reservoir was created in 1789 as a retaining water reservoir for log driving on the Černá River. In 1796, it was heavily damaged by flood and after that it was not reconstructed to cover its original area of 5 hectares. In 2002, it again burst as a result of the flood and it is again filled up today.

GPS position

N 48° 40.720', E 14° 42.500'



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