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ČGS South Bohemia

Javory, Žofín

The colony of Javory was always predominated by the mansions and farm buildings. At present, we find several holiday houses here, a lodging house for tourists, known as “Žofínský prales” (Žofín Primaeval Forest), and a restaurant and boarding house “Lesovna Žofín”. The former farm buildings as well as the wooden dormitory for forest workers have preserved nearby. The main pride and joy of the colony of Javory used to be the Žofie Chateau which is however nowhere to be found today. It was built by the order of Johan Georg Buquoy in 1854. The building in an alpine style with a shingle roof on a high white base wall looked very spectacular. The chateau held a few collections of china, pictures and ancient nut furniture and its interior was decorated with a number of hunting trophies. After seizure of the Buquoys´ property without any compensation in 1945, the chateau equipment was stolen away and destroyed. On the initiative of the Frontier Guard, the building was torn down in 1980.

GPS position

N 48° 40.513', E 14° 41.582'



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