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ČGS Olomouc

Lost Adit Valley Nature Trail

On the way from the Zlaté Hory Mountains to the village of Ondřejovice, there is a valley where the gold from the Olešnice River was deposited in the floodplains for the millions of years. Between the 60´s and 80´s of the last century, the geologists proved a high content of gold with the rebenefication here. The Mining Open-Air Museum with the Zlatorudné mills and the themed-trail mapping the local surface and underground mining were built here. The right bank of the Olešnice River is covered with the surface depressions and waste piles. It is intertwined with the channels supplying water to the placers. The main supply channel is still in operation. The replicas of the medieval log mills were exactly made using the original method on the basis of the then sketches. The nature trail also includes a spot where the water runs uphill (optical illusion). The trail has 11 stops and measures 2.5 km. You can gain the gold panning experience in the Mining Open-Air Museum.

GPS position

N 50° 15.095', E 17° 22.022'



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