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Podkova Cave (Horseshoe Cave)

The cave ranks among the smallest caves in the Mladečský Karst Region. The Podkova Cave is formed by a double passageway on the northern slope of the Třesín hill (345 m ASL) under the Čertův Bridge. Several names were used for this cave, such as “Blátivá díra”, meaning “a muddy hole” (in German literature: “Zwergenhöhle“ or “Wolfhöhle“). The cave is formed by two flow passageways with entrances 28 m far from each other. Both passageways were originally separated, but they were later connected upon request of the owners of the Liechtenstein demesne in the early 19th century. As a result, they formed a horseshoe like shape. The cave is approximately 50 m long. The traces of the Palaeolithic humans were found in the cave. Today, this cave is an important and monitored hibernating site for the bats, therefore it is closed to the public for a certain period of a year.

GPS position

N 49° 42.680', E 17° 0.718'



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