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ČGS Olomouc

Velký Kosíř Nature Park

The park was first declared as a so-called rest area by the then District People’s Committee in Prostějov in 1987, and later reclassified as a nature park in 1992. The nature park territory covers a larger part of the Velký Kosíř hill (441.9 m ASL) belonging to the Zábřežská Vrchovina Highlands. The geological basement is mostly formed by the Culm greywackes with the Devonian limestones emerging at the south-east and east edges. This area contains a large forest-free area, used as the quarries, gardens and orchards in the past. The eastern part of the area is almost completely covered with the forests. The original thermophilic oakwoods were replaced for the greater part by the Norway spruce and Scots pine monocultures. The whole nature park is very valuable from the botanical point of view. A variety of the endangered and protected plant species grows here. Also the occurrence of rich fauna, especially insects, depends on the rich plant communities. A total of five protected areas have been declared in the nature park.

GPS position

N 49° 33.037', E 17° 2.217'



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