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ČGS Olomouc

Čechy pod Kosířem Manor Park

Thanks to its aesthetic and dendrological qualities, the Čechy pod Kosířem manor park ranks among the most valuable areas covered with the historic green in Moravia. The romantic landscaped park surrounds the chateau in the Empire style. The most famous period in the chateau and park history is related to the descendants of the Portugal aristocratic family Silva-Tarouca who owned the demesne until 1945. The Count Franz Joseph I. Silva-Tarouca started a large-scale conversion of the original baroque garden to the natural landscaped park in the 30´s of the 19th century. As a result, an extraordinary landscaped composition with the picturesque groups of the domestic and exotic tree species – coniferous and deciduous trees – as well as isolated trees, was gradually created in the park. The large amounts of especially the coniferous trees were last planted out here in the 30´s of the 20th century. The last detail dendrological survey in 1962 revealed that a total of 64 taxons of coniferous trees and 163 taxons of deciduous trees grow in the park. The European area of conservation was declared in the park area to protect the summer colonies of the Lesser Horseshoe Bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros).

GPS position

N 49° 32.981', E 17° 2.211'



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