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Odra River Spring

The river spring is located in the Oderský Forest in the military zone called Libavá between the village of Kozlov and the extinct village of Varhošť in a shallow saddle with a large peat bog. The spring area is formed by a few ribbon streams which can be apparently seen in the period of heavy rains and spring snow melting. According to the Odra town chronicle from 1830, written by the chronicler F. X. Zimmermann, the spring was localized by two German merchants in 1823. On the old maps, this spring was called “Oder Quelle” (upper spring, unlike the later lower (today) spring called "Unter Quelle). Water from this wooden small spring well then ran down to the masonry spring well on the lower spring. The upper spring dried out in summer. In 1960, the Military Forest Administration in Velký Újezd set up a wooden alcove on the sustaining wall with the stone pavement and a spring well where undrinkable water from the streams appears during heavy rains and the snow melting period only. The spring is opened to the public since 1 June 1991.

GPS position

N 49° 36.850', E 17° 31.213'



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