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ČGS South Bohemia

Dehtář Pond - Cycle Route

The cycle route No. 1085 of medium difficulty is led around the Dehtář Pond in the direction from Brloh to Zliv. The 25 km long cycle route starts in the village of Brloh and acquaints the tourists with a number of prominent historic landmarks in the south of Bohemia. It leads through, for example, the village of Holašovice reserve which was also listed as the UNESCO cultural World Heritage site in 1998. From there it leads to the village of Čakov where the remnants of settlement from the Hallstatt culture period (7th century BC) were found after the archaeological survey, and goes on alongside the Dehtář Pond damp to the village of Břehov, and on across Pištín to the town of Zliv. The hill above the pond offers a view of the entire fishpond system dominated by the Dehtář Pond (10th biggest pond in the Czech Republic) with an occurrence of specific protected fauna and flora.

GPS position

N 48° 59.938', E 14° 18.468'



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