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ČGS South Bohemia

Orlík nad Vltavou Chateau

Orlík chateau is located on the rocky tongue of land above the Vltava river near the village of the same name. The neo-Gothic chateau was created by rebuilding of the original Gothic castle from the mid-13th century. Over time, the chateau was gradually extended and lifted. The last reconstruction was carried out by the Schwarzenberg family who has owned the chateau since 1802. The chateau interior holds the Empire and romantic exhibitions, in particular. The chateau also offers the Schwarzenberg family’s museum, unique collections of weapons, hunting trophies, etc. The chateau is surrounded with an English park including the Schwarzenberg´s vau­lt. There is a shipping transport operating on the Orlík artificial lake.

GPS position

N 49° 30.756', E 14° 10.141'



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