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The village of Rakovice lies in the Písek district, west of Čimelice, on the east edge of the Blatenská Vrchovina highlands belonging to the Středočeská Pahorkatina upland. The Rakovický stream, the Skalice river’s affluent, flows through the village. The first written reference dates back to 1045, but the area was most probably inhabited by the Celtic tribes as early as in 5th century B.C. The residues of the site of an ancient settlement on the Hrad hill with a stony rampart have preserved since that time. In 17th century, Karel Bohumil of Bissingen built up a baroque chateau at the place of the former fortress. Since 19th century, the chateau was owned by the Schwarzenberg family until 1948 when it was confiscated and for long years served for the needs of a local agricultural cooperative which negatively contributed to its devastation. At present, the chateau is reconstructed and is used as a refugee camp.

GPS position

N 49° 28.288', E 14° 3.265'



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