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ČGS South Bohemia


As proved by the archaeological finds, the people used to live around the town of Čimelice as early as in the primeval times. The first written references to the village date back to 1445. The importance of Čimelice was increased when the road connecting Prague and Passau in Germany was relocated to go through the town of Čimelice in the mid-18th century and after construction of the railway line in 1874. In the 18th century, a new baroque chateau with a large landscaped park and rich sculptural decorations, also know as “Čimelice baroque” was built next to an old fortress. In 1850, the town of Čimelice became the property of the Schwarzenberg family. At that time, the base for the today’s extra­ordinary aesthetic landscape between Čimelice and Orlík was established as a result of the extensive park modifications and creation of new avenues and the stand on the river banks.

GPS position

N 49° 27.900', E 14° 4.139'



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