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The village of Varvažov is located in the Písek district and thanks to its well-preserved folk architecture it was declared as a rural monumental zone. The village was first referred to in 1387. The homesteads in the village square (especially the houses No. 10 and No. 7) were built in the classicist style. Also the other sights in the village are worth seeing, such as the early-Gothic St. Katherine’s Church, the repaired baroque chateau of Varvažov, a set of wooden houses with a thatched roof as well as the late classicist mill. The demesne was first owned by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, lately called the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, for nearly 800 years, and then by the Schwarzenberg family from 1847. Another interesting thing about Varvažov is that it is frequently used by the film makers for the exteriors in the movies (as seen in the movie called “Je třeba zabít Sekala” (1998), for instance).

GPS position

N 49° 26.424', E 14° 7.679'



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