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ČGS South Bohemia

Sudslavická Lime-Tree

The Sudslavická lime-tree is the most massive lime tree in the south of Bohemia and ranks among the three most massive lime-trees in the Czech Republic. It grows by the Vanický´s mill at the edge of the colony of Sudslavice in the Opolenec nature reserve (NR). It is about 600 years old, with the trunk circumference of 1,177 cm and the height of 26 m. The lime-tree is checked and treated on a regular basis. There is a big hollow in its trunk which is alleged to have been used as a goat shed. The holes are covered with the coping against rain and the tree-top is artificially reinforced using the ropes and chains. The lime-tree survived both the flood in 2002 and the Kyrill hurricane in 2007 without any damage. As the legends say, Jan Hus, a Czech priest, philosopher and reformer, was preaching a sermon and his follower John Žižka of Trocnov, a Czech general and Hussite leader, was camping under the tree. The Sudslavický Circle (3.2 km) nature trail which links the local nature attractive places starts and ends at this lime-tree.

GPS position

N 49° 5.223', E 13° 47.681'



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