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The Opolenec nature reserve and SCI is located east of the colony of Sudslavice (3.5 km from the town of Vimperk) in the Šumavské Podhůří mountain range on the steep west-oriented slopes of the Opolenec hill above the Volyňka river. It represents a set of communities depending on the presence of crystalline limestones in the basement with the forest stands rich in species. It is predominated by the forest steppe pine woods with a variety of protected species, succulent vegetation or valuable meadow habitats with Dwarf gentian (Gentianella) and other rare and endangered plant species. The reserve also includes the paleontological site Sudslavická cave – a minor underground karst area open to the tourists, where the skeletal remains of the Pleistocene and Holocene fauna were discovered.

GPS position

N 49° 5.306', E 13° 47.781'



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