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Saint Margaret’s Spa

Saint Margaret’s Spa is located in the south of the town of Prachatice next to the spring rising from the woody Libín massif at an altitude of 635 m ASL. The curative action of the spring was used as early as in the 17th century, but the spa itself was established in 1783. During curative procedures as a part of the treatment of central nervous system and locomotive organs, in particular, the cold spring water was used along with the modern methods of hydrotherapy. The greatest boom of the spa was in the early 20th century, where around 4,000 spa guests, especially from Germany and Austria, stayed in the spa every year. The spa operation was discontinued in 1935 and after that the spa building became used for recreational purposes or youth hostels.

GPS position

N 49° 0.023', E 14° 0.024'



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