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ČGS South Bohemia

Vodňany – Křtětice Nature Trail

The nearly 4 km long nature trail from Vodňany to Křtětice was established in 2005. The trail begins on the periphery of the town of Vodňany, called Rechle, and leads on to the north-west, upstream of the Blanický stream (mill race) and the Blanice river to the village of Křtětice. At a total of 7 stops, the visitors may acquaint themselves with both historic and nature attractions, as well as the fishing and milling traditions known in the district of Vodňany. The trail follows up on the tourist route “Around Vodňany" (Okolo Vodňan) which continues from Křtětice to the village of Radčice with some elements of the rural baroque on the buildings. It goes on to the Loucký mill and makes it possible for the visitors to return from Vodňany. As the trail is located in the flat country, it is not difficult at all. It is suitable for both hiking and cycling.

GPS position

N 49° 10.207', E 14° 9.198'



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