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Bezdrev Pond

With its area around 450 hectares, the Bezdrev Pond is the third largest pond in the Czech Republic. It is, however, the No. 1 in the fish production (the fish species bred here include mainly carps, pikes, amurs, common tenches and catfish). It is located 4 km west of Hluboká nad Vltavou. Its damp is 400 m long and 7.8 m high. The maximum pond depth is up to 7 m at certain points. The pond circumference is 18.5 km. The pond is supplied with water from the Soudný (Bezdrevský) stream, the Vltava’s river affluent. The Bezdrev Pond was constructed between 1490 and 1492 by the order of William II of Pernstein, owner of the Hluboká demesne. At present, the Bezdrev Pond is owned by the company Rybářství Hluboká (Hluboká fishery). It is also well-known as a summer tourist and sports resort (yachting, windsurfing).

GPS position

N 49° 2.204', E 14° 24.431'



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