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Krvavý Pond

The Krvavý Pond is located in the area of the Česká Kanada (meaning “Czech Canada”) nature park near Jindřichův Hradec and is a part of the Krvavý and Kačležský Ponds nature reserve which protects a number of water bird species. The botanical importance and the landscape enhancement value of this territory are also noteworthy. The Krvavý Pond ranks among the largest ponds in this area, resembling the Canadian lakes. It was built-up as early as in the 13th century and was known as the Zármutek Pond until the 16th century. Its current name was derived from its aluminous bottom the colour of which resembles blood. The pond is accessible via the road leading from Jindřichův Hradec to the village of Člunek.

GPS position

N 49° 6.879', E 15° 7.045'



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