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Decanal Church of All Saints

The first written record of the church comes from the year 1235. Part of the church wall comes from the same time. At the beginning of the 15th century, the church had one main and six side altars. There are twelve of them today. The main Gothic altar was changed by a new one in the year 1671. Unfortu­nately, it got burnt during the fire of 1686. The present altar comes from the years 1740 – 1747. It was made during the Baroque redevelopment according to the design of Octavio Broggio. The architect is allegedly buried right in this church. The 54 m tall Gothic tower was redesigned by Mr. Jiřík of Plzeň in 1501 – 1517. The tower clock comes from the year 1584. There was St. Catherine´s chapel standing nearby the tower in the past. An interesting broach roof was built in the second half of the 16th century which has preserved to this date. The church and the town tower were annexed during the redevelopment in 1717 – 1724. There are four bells in the tower today. The largest one is called Václav (Wenceslas) and it was moulded in 1501. The other bell is called Ptáček (Little Bird) and comes from the year 1512. Vojtěch comes from the year 1524 and Martin from 1691. The last two were taken to St. Vojtěch´s Church in Litoměřice and St. Martin´s Church in Mlékojedy. The pulpit comes from the years 1752 – 1753. It is supposed to be the best work of J.W.Hennewogel. It is made of artificial red marble. The romantic organs were made by Wilhelm Sauer in 1884. We can also see an original old chapel from the Pre-Hussite era renovated in the year 1684 and alter from 1738. The interior is decorated by a remarkable picture “Jesus on the Olivet Mountain”. The church represents one of the dominant features of Litoměřice square.

Kostel Všech sv. z Dlouhé ul.

Kostel Všech Svatých z Kalichu

Muzeum a Kostel

GPS position

N 50° 31.992', E 14° 7.960'



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