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ČGS Olomouc

Státní Lom (State Quarry) National Nature Monument

The monument covers a western wall of the abandoned limestone quarry which is located approx. 1.5 km north-west of the village of Čelechovice na Hané. Státní lom NNM lies on the south-eastern slopes of Velký Kosíř hill and on the border of the Bouzovská vrchovina hill country and Prostějovská pahorkatina upland geomorphologic sub-units. The basement in the quarry is built of shallow-water limestones of the Devonian age, which emerge from the Tertiary and Quaternary sediments. . The western quarry wall includes a few meters of the so-called “red coral layers” rich in the fossilised representatives of Palaeozoic marine fauna. The importance of the Státní lom quarry especially lies in its prominent role in unveiling a geological profile of the whole Devonian strata sequence amounting to 146 layers. The nature reserve became famous as a rich deposit of the Palaeozoic marine fauna remains representing nearly all branches of the then existing animals, such as plate, tabular and rugose corals, stromatopora clusters, shells of gastropoda, bivalvia, cephalopods, ostracods, trilobites, and the stems, calyxes and arms of crinoids. Thanks to this heterogeneity of organisms, this habitat belongs to the most prominent sites in the Moravian Devon. Botanically, the Velký Kosíř area is among the most notable territories in the central Moravia thanks to its wide geomorphologic and geological diversity of substrates. The territory has high plant species diversity, but is also interesting from a phytogeographical standpoint as the northernmost locality for a range of thermophilous species and communities in Moravia. The Státní lom quarry also represents a significant refuge area for many animal species. The most valuable are the blocked succession stages of a shrub-herb character, on which xerophilous insect communities depend. The waste materials (road ballast, foundry sand, tires) that were land filled here in the past have been removed.

GPS position

N 49° 31.813', E 17° 5.070'



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