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Zbrašov Aragonite Caves

It is a unique system of caves of the European importance, formed by the concurrent impacts of precipitation and warm mineral waters coming out of high depth in the limestones (so-called hydrothermal karst). Just like the opposite part of the Bečva river (Hranická Abbys), the cave is incorporated in the Hranický karst region. The estimated thickness of the Hranický karst region limestones is 1,000 m. The unique decoration in the caves is formed by the aragonite (CaCO3) mineral, and also the geyser stalagmites and spherical sinter crust that resemble doughnuts. The lowest levels of caves are permanently filled with carbon dioxide. They are the warmest caves throughout the Czech Republic with a constant temperature of 14°C all the year round. They were discovered in 1912 and became accessible to the public in 1926.

GPS position

N 49° 31.909', E 17° 44.748'



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