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Vidnavské mokřiny (Vidnava Fenland) Nature Reserve

Vidnavské mokřiny is formerly a non-forest area mowed on a regular basis since 16th century. The older literature refers to “Vidnavské loučky” (Vidnava meadows) that historically belong to the town of Vidnava. Frequent flash floods and sedimentation of the Vidnávka river created a thick impermeable layer of the Pleistocene aluminous and clay outwashes with a 40 and 200 cm thick peat layers on the top. The peat deposit is located roughly 25 to 30 cm below the surface and was quarried in the 19th century (water bodies were formed where the digging was carried out). The peat is sticky and less carbonized and contains a vivianite. The former peat meadows were gradually covered with the volunteer alder trees, willows and wild reed. An extraordinary variety of animal species is proved here. A total of 90 nesting and 60 migrating bird species were observed in the fenland and more than 160 spider species were recorded here. Perhaps an original population of the pond tortoise (Emys orbicularis) lives here. A nature trail leads through the fenland.

GPS position

N 50° 22.805', E 17° 11.801'



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