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ČGS Olomouc

Terezské Valley Nature Park

The nature park mission is to protect the landscape character of the Šumický stream valley and the follow-up complex of woods. The whole area is considered an extraordinary precious site from the geomorphological, botanical, zoological and archaeological perspectives. Besides the thermophilic oak woods and the hornbeam-oak woods, there are also the wet meadows in the alluvial plain and the thermophilic turfs on hillsides and along the sunken roads. The valley is also an important bird migration corridor with a variety of birds’ species nesting here. The Terezské Valley NP and the adjacent area have been declared as a botanically important plant area of an international importance by the European expert association Planta Europa. There are thirteen of such significant sites in the Czech Republic. Along with the adjacent Kosíř massif, the Terezské Valley was classified as a regionally important area with a high diversity of plant taxa including a high number of species from the Red List of Threatened Species in the Czech Republic and the species that are special protected by law.

GPS position

N 49° 35.926', E 17° 3.837'



Česká geografická společnost
Mgr. Petra Karvánková, Ph.D.
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