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ČGS Olomouc

Chomoutov Lake Nature Monument

The protected territory includes a large shallow lake with a few islands, created after the gravel sand quarrying with the coast left to the effects of succession. Nowadays, it is an important area for nesting and migration of water fowls and for the reproduction of amphibians. The basement is formed by the Quaternary gravelled sediments of the Morava river, quarried till 1977. The territory was then used for water supply purposes with the banks and islands being left to the effects of spontaneous succession. The centrepiece of the territory is a lake formed by the gravel sand quarrying and divided into two parts with a dam. The average lake depth is 2 m, the maximum depth is around 3.5 m and the whole area covers approx. 60 ha. The former sludge beds, originally covered by the ruderal plants, began to be converted to the new wetlands. The sport fishing and yachting may be carried out in the territory with a certain limitation.

GPS position

N 49° 39.245', E 17° 13.851'



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