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ČGS Olomouc

Na Pomezí National Nature Monument

The karst region is formed by the strata of crystalline limestones (marbles) of the Devonian age. Some distinctive surface karstic phenomena, such as grikes, sinkholes, paleoswallets, active swallet and a flowing opening have developed here in a small area. A few caves without a special protection can be found here (such as, Rasovna cave, Liščí cave, Netopýří cave, Komínová cave, etc.) and some other subterranean cave systems linked to an active watercourse yet to be discovered are envisaged. The Na Pomezí cave is characterized by a vast and complicated system of fracture corridors. Approximately 1,000 metres of corridors have been discovered to date, of which approx. 530 metres are accessible as a route. It is the largest cave system created in the crystalline limestones in the Czech Republic territory. The cave is richly decorated with dripstones, especially stalactites, stalagmites and inlet forms. The caves serve as an important wintering place for the Chiroptera.

GPS position

N 50° 14.768', E 17° 8.326'



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