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Tvarožné Díry Caves

The Tvarožné Díry (Quark Holes) Caves are located in the upper part of the Morava River valley where the Morava River crosswise intersects the strip of crystalline limestones (marbles). The cave has a few surface entrances which function as the flowing openings for the underground watercourse and occasionally as the Morava river flood swallets. The entire cave is 184 m long and the active underground watercourse runs through 60 metres. Tvarožné Díry is the longest known cave of the Králický Sněžník karst region. The caves were first referred to in the late 17th century. As the legend says, the gold-diggers used to store their tools here. The calcareous sinters (precipitated limestone layers) are being formed on the cave walls and small dripstones can be seen under water. An occurrence of the saturated sinter – moonmilk (“quark” in colloquial language), the cave name is borrowed from, is also notable. Underground spaces serve as an important wintering area for the bats the majority of which ranks among the special protected fauna species.

GPS position

N 50° 11.039', E 16° 50.528'



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