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Králický Sněžník National Nature Reserve – Marble Quarrying

From the geological and mineralogical perspectives, the Králický Sněžník Massif is not considered as a much interesting area. The rock composition is considerably homogeneous, with a predominance of the so-called Sněžník gneiss which is free of any interesting minerals. The Králický Sněžník NNR is characterized by an occurrence of crystalline limestones (Sněžník marble), which after being cut, ground and polished, are used for stonework – as lining and stair slabs, footstalls and other products. It is the Czech marble of the most varied colour – its colour varies considerably and may be supplemented with a draw depending on various admixtures and pigments. Its colours range from purely white, pink, yellowish to the various shades of brown, green and grey. Decorative marble has been used for many centuries and the large-scale manufacture started here after 1969. The excavated blocks are processed especially in the Českomoravský průmysl kamene (Czech and Moravian Stonework Industry) grinding plant in the village of Králíky. The site is the largest marble deposit in the Czech Republic with reserves around 3.5 million cubic meters.

GPS position

N 50° 9.604', E 16° 49.270'



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