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ČGS Olomouc

Botanical Garden of the Flora Olomouc Exhibition Grounds

The botanical garden of the Flora Olomouc Exhibition Grounds is, including its rose garden, alpine garden, gardens of individual countries and short-term exhibitions of spring and summer bulbous and tuber plants, located in the area called Korunní pevnůstky (Small Crown Fortresses) in the Bezručovy sady park. This part of the original fortification walls around the town was connected to the Olomouc Exhibition Grounds in the 60´s of 20th century. Founded in a traditional way in 1979, the alpine garden is an exhibition located on the fortress rampart terrace. The predominated elements are dwarf conifers, including an interesting coniferous tree Microbiota decussata from the Far East, which remained undiscovered until 1921 and were spread in the world of landscape architecture by the Czech experts. The complex is supplemented with a rose garden with 10,000 rosebushes of both foreign and Czech origin. There is also a virtual guide http://www.pampeliska.eu/index.php?… through a botanical garden available for the visitors.

GPS position

N 49° 35.562', E 17° 15.399'



Česká geografická společnost
Mgr. Petra Karvánková, Ph.D.
Katedra geografie PF JU v Českých Budějovicích, Jeronýmova 10, 371 15 České Budějovice
Tel.:+420 387 773 063