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Litoměřice Crematory

The death rate in Litoměřice concentration camp and the underground Richard factory was very high, especially in winter and spring in 1945 where a typhoid epidemic started to spread. 4500 prisoners would die in Litoměřice during one year. At first, the dead would be taken to cremation in Ústí nad Labem or to Terezín crematory. The number of bodies was so high that the two crematories were not capable of burning all of them (moreover, there was lack of petrol at the end of the war) and a quick solution was needed to solve the problem.
The Reich German called Fritz suggested building a new crematory at a brick-kiln in Litoměrice. Nobody would have ever thought that the small building at the brick-kiln could be a crematory. The building was without a chimney. The fouling and the smoke were redirected by an underground canal into the chimney of the running brick-kiln. No-one, apart from the Germans, knew that the smoke of the brick-kiln was mixed with the smoke of the crematory. The crematory was operated by Václav Pritzl (born on 4th December 1883), a local from Litoměřice. His house was standing right beside the brick-kiln and the crematory. He gave the court the evidence that 30 to 40 bodies would be burnt a day. The last bodies were cremated on the 2nd and 3rd May 1945 after a big execution in a Small fortress Terezín. According to his records, 405 or 406 bodies were burnt here altogether. The salary for this work was 75 Pf per hour. The place has become a memorial site today. A monument to the victims of the war stands in the middle of the site.

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