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Concentration camp Litomerice

A concentration camp as a branch of the concentration camp Flossenbürg was placed in the Litomerice former artillery barracks in the years 1944 – 1945. A lot of manpower was needed for realization of building project of Richard I and Richard II in Litomerice SS organization, that projected and managed the building, ensured also main manpower. In addition to German, Czech and foreign workers there were primarily concentration camp inmates, who were supposed to build the structure and lately work in new productions. The need for prison work squad was the reason for establishment of the Litomerice camp. The camp was divided into few sections. First prisoners were accommodated in the original large building formerly used as a military riding hall, stables and warehouses. The second section was built at the beginning of 1945 and consisted of wooden huts. The third section was built as further wooden huts in the fields stretching from the barracks up the slope toward the portals of galleries. Each section of the camp was divided by barbed wire supplemented by watchtowers. 18,000 prisoners of different nationalities went through this camp during its existence. The lowest number of prisoners was 4717 on January 5, 1945. The highest number was on February 23, 1945 with 7046 prisoners. High work pace and inhuman conditions during the construction of the underground factory and during production have in many cases resulted in death and mutilation. There was also an outbreak of epidemic typhus in 1945. At least 4,500 prisoners have never lived to see the end of war.

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