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Bastion and Litomerice Town Walls

Litomerice town walls are constituted by sections of preserved Gothic fortification system with prismatic towers, originally opened inside the floors. Some of these towers were reconstructed in the 19th century in Empire style for residential purposes. Total reconstruction of some town walls and two bastions was performed in 1996 according the project of ing.Arch. Jarmila Antosova. Bastion, which is located near the railway station Litomerice mesto (town), comes from around 1513, when it was part of the outside fortification. Originally it was opened in the mid- 18th century when its height was increased and was later adjusted into chapel of county prison. The chapel stood between bastion and inner wall and it was demolished in 1951. At the same year roof frame and covering of bastion was reconstructed. The final reconstruction was done in 1992, Bastion Steakhouse Restaurant is currently located there.

According to legend Vaclav Babinsky, famous robber and thief that was born in Litomerice, served as a minister here. In 1841 he was sentenced to twenty years in prison for twelve crimes – robberies and murders. After serving his sentence he worked as a gardener in women´s monastery in Řepy near Prague.

Bastion Baba was also original part of the outer fortification from the 16th century, which served as a torture chamber and city prison since the early 18th century. Later it was converted into a dwelling house and today Administration of Nature Conservation Area of Bohemian Uplands has its headquarters here.

Bašta Baba

Bašta – dnešní Steakhouse

dnešní galerie

Useful information

http://www.mcviva.webpark.cz/ http://www.lunchtime.cz/basta/ www.litomerice-info.cz

GPS position

N 50° 31.996', E 14° 8.252'



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