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Marina Litomerice

Eger River (Ohre) is after Vltava River the second largest left tributary of Elbe River (Labe) in the Czech Republic. It flows into Labe directly in Litomerice. At the confluence of these two rivers, called Strelecky ostrov (Shooting Island), one can take a ride on the largest Czech passenger boat Porta Bohemica 1. The ship sails at regular line cruises, but one can also order a private sail. Unforgettable can be a technical cognitive cruise where the ship sails through the locks under Marianska rock. The ship sails from Usti nad Labem city or from Litomerice town to Pistany Lake accompanied with entertainment. Smaller wine cruise ship with a capacity of 115 people, called Porta Bohemica 2, is certainly welcomed by wine lovers, where the wine tasting is prepared mainly from local wine areas. The ships are named after a unique natural formation of the Elbe valley, called Porta Bohemica – Gateway to Bohemia. From the deck one can see not only the scenery, but also typical cones of extinct volcanoes of Bohemian Uplands (Ceske stredohori). A wine bikeway runs along the Elbe River, it starts from Gateway to Bohemia and ends at the confluence with the Vltava River by Melnik town, so it is possible to combine bike trails with sailing as the boat is equipped to transport bikes. The River Labe is one of largest rivers and waterways of Europe. It rises in the northern Bohemia in Giant Mountains (Krkonose) in a place called Elbe Meadow. In Hrensko, that is the lowest point of Bohemia, Elbe flows to Germany through deep canyon of Elbe sandstones. Its length is 358.3 km in Bohemia and the total length is 1154 km. Elbe river basin has an area of 144,055 km3. It is a curiosity that even though the Elbe has weaker flow at the confluence with Vltava by Melnik and it is shorter from the spring, it is not recognized as its tributary and is considered the biggest Czech river.

Loď Porta Bohemica

Přístaviště s pohledem na Tyršův most

Řeka Labe

GPS position

N 50° 31.831', E 14° 8.187'



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