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Karel Hynek Mácha

Eminent Czech poet Karel Hynek Mácha was born in Prague in November 16, 1810, where he lived with his parents and even studied. His father was a miller and his mother came from a musical family. Besides graduating from a high school he also passed two years of philosophy and legal studies at a university. He wrote his first poems during studies in high school already. These poems were in German, later he wrote in Czech. Among his most famous writings belongs poem Máj (May), which was not fully appreciated at the time of its writing up. Macha wrote also prose works, well known are his short stories Márinka (Little Marry) and Večer na Bezdězu (Evening on Bezdez castle). Karel Hynek Mácha was well-built, sport type, unfortunately none of his portraits survived. He liked to walk and wander in country side. During his trips he took notes and draw pictures of castles that were often target of his trips. In 1834 he also took a long trip to Italy, with his friend from high school they walked through the Alps to Venice. He had a lot of friends, sang, played guitar and participated in amateur performances. In the theater Karel Hynek Macha met his first love Márinka from gamekeeper´s lodge Zeletínky by Benesov. However his true love was Lori Somkova. To be able to marry Lori, who later gave birth to his illegitimate son, Louis, he moved from Prague to Litomerice. Macha was employed at lawyer Duras and lived in apartment that belong to the owner of wine bar Mr. Lorenzo. During his stay in Litoměřice, in October 1836, he was helping to fight a fire, which he saw from hill Radobýl. Few days after the fire, he got sick and died during the night of November 5, 1836. He was buried in Litomerice cemetery at the same day when his wedding was scheduled – November 8. His remains were later transported to Prague cemetery at Vyšehrad.

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