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Litoměřice Castle

The history of the castle goes back to the reign of Václav II (1283–1305) who had not seen it finished. According to the records, the king Václav II would stay and deal with business matters at the castle. The building was finished under the reign of Jan Lucemburský (1310–1346). The castle was enlarged by a palace in the second half of the 14th century. It is the largest remains of the former castle. The entry to the palace was created by an impressive portal with rich shaping and side pinnacles. The ground floor consisted of residential rooms with fireplaces and a chapel with presbytery situated at the eastern peripheral wall of the palace. The first floor served the royal family. There were flats, audience and representation rooms. The rooms for everyday life were equipped to the highest possible comfort by fire places and toilettes. Litoměřice Charter was issued by Caesar Charles IV in 1359. According to the charter it was allowed for the town councillors to start growing their own vineyards. The one to set up a vineyard was free from taxes and had to pay a tithe in the form of each tenth barrel. The Caesar himself visited the castle in September 1369. During the years 1420 and 1421 the castle was inhabited by Václav´s brother Zikmund. The castle was under the siege of the Hussites. The northwest cylindrical tower was damaged. After the Hussite movement was over the castle got under the rule of the town. It burnt down in 1655 and was rebuilt into a town brewery in 1767– 1768. Its roof was reconstructed in the 80s of the 20th century. Since then, however, the ruined building was made of mere periphery walls. The palace of Litoměřice castle underwent a major reconstruction in 2008–2011. Its aim was to make the “Sanctuary of the Czech wine-making”. There is an interactive exposition of Czech wine-making. The exposition consists of two parts – one of them called “In search of wine” tracks down the history and production methods of wine. The other part presents individual wine-making in Bohemia as there is a strong tradition of wine-making in Litoměřice region. Free as well as guided degustation takes place in the cellar. You can buy stored wine in here. Weddings as well as meetings usually take place in a representative lounge with a Gothic chapel to which Charles IV. would come for his prayers.

Hrad Litoměřice

Gotická klenba

Nový interier – degustace vín

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