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Kalich Tower, House under Bell Dome

This remarkable town house in Litoměřice was originally a Gothic building from the first half of the 16th century. The Italian architect Marož Balli redesigned it into a Renaissance house per order of Mráz family of Milešovka. The family crest is carved out into the entry portal and can be seen on the courtyard facade. Jan Samuel Mráz had the house rebuilt in the years 1570–1580 when it got its present look and a bell dome. The house was not only used for festive occasions held for the kinsfolk, but also lent to notable visitors in Litoměřice. Municipal council meetings would take place in Kalich tower. Each councillor would hang out a flag from his own window to show he was present at the meeting. After the death of the house owner Zikmund Mráz, the house started to decline. The municipality showed the interest in the house and strived to get it under its administration since 1629. It was not successful until 1665. The tower damaged by a lightening in 1671 was then reconstructed. There are records of indoor reconstructions from the year 1695. According to a preserved sign in the archway there was a tax office here until 1830. Sault and drinks tax was collected here. Four years later, the house was reconstructed in the Empire style. The first local museum was open on the ground floor of the house in 1877. Various town facilities would be placed in here. Another reconstruction took place in the period of 1950 – 1953. A picture of St. Markéta fighting with a fierce dragon was discovered in a hall on the first floor. Painted ceilings on the second floor date back to the year 1695. Today, the house is the seat of the Municipal hall and an information centre.

Vyhlídková věž

Dům Kalich

Dům Kalich od kašny

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http://www.litomerice-info.cz http://www.gotickyhrad.cz/

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N 50° 32.056', E 14° 7.908'



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