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Information Center Sobotka is located in the Sramek‘s house on teh main square. The house is called, because it is birthplace of the Czech famous writer. There are museum and library of Frana Sramek in this house. Museum was built after his death in 1952 with cooperation his wife Miroslava Hrdličková – Šrámková, literary historic Libor Kněžko and husbands Hrdlička. You will learn all about the most famous Sobotka’s habitant and will be able to visit a replica of his apartment in Prague.

Information Center offers:

• Providing comprehensive information about the historical and cultural monuments in Sobotka, its surroundings and sights of Bohemian Paradise

• Collecting and providing information on accommodation facilities in and around / guest houses, hotels, private apartments, cottages, camping opportunity, including financial conditions, respectively. arranging accommodation

• Collection and provision of information on bus and train transport

• Providing information on the use of leisure / swimming pool, swimming pools, riding, tennis, cycling, bike rentals, sightseeing flights /

• Providing an overview of the cultural, social and sporting events on Sobotecká and Jičín, providing sales and ticketing

• Sale of promotional materials, postcards, maps, guides, small souvenirs, tourist stamps, badges

• Information on the telephone links to local businesses

• Presentation of the city and region in press and publications

• Participation in the presentation events and exhibitions related to the development of tourism

• Cooperation with other MIC / exchange of experience, transfer of information /

• Participation in the organization of cultural events

• Provide tours of the Museum and Archive Fráni Šrámka

• Internet access for the public

• Copy – both color and black and white

• Faxing and scanning

GPS position

N 50° 28.033', E 15° 10.608'



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