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Information Centre of the Czech Paradise Protected Landscape Area in Arboretum Bukovina

The Information Centre of Czech Paradise Protected Landscape Area is situated in the summerhouse in Arboretum Bukovina. This listed building – part of area of the castle Hrubá Skála – was built as half-timbered building in Swiss style.

Summerhouse in Arboretum Bukovina

Arboretum as the park was founded in 1860 in spirit of romantic English park and it is one of the oldest arboretum in the Czech republic. In addition to collection of the trees are here artistically conceived park benches and sculpture „Spirit of Arboretum“. Arboretum has an area of 2,73 hectars and it is placed in 360 m above sea level.

The biggest tree is the grand fir which is high over than 50 m. There is necessery to have more than two men to hug it.

The highest trees in Arboretum Bukovina

Since 1991 two giant sequoias grow hier too. They thrive very well and reach high over than 6 m. Most popular tree is tuliptree for its blossom. This tree has large treetop, beautifull yellow-green blossoms like tulips and bright yellow leafs in the autumn. Colour contrast with bright and dark green tones is composed by purple beeches. Rohan European beech belong to rare ones.

Till these days is surviving collection of oaks: common oak, sessile oak, Muscaviensis oak and Geisler´s oak. From more interesting species we could name: Douglas fir, eastern hemlock, grand fir, white fir, Greek fir, Nordmann fir, Japanese larch and Hiba cedar.

Trees in Arboretum Bukovina

Information Centre in the arboretum offers:

• interactively conceived collection of cones – or how do the indians play the cone-fight?

• expozition of the birds

• internet

• informations in three languages – with scientifically educated guides

• regional products certificated by „Regional Products of Czech Paradise“ certificate – pottery, glass, reed-mace, wicker-work, nine sort of bier and stum

• butterfly meadows – seeds and informations about butterfly meadows

• as a matter of course are here: maps, stamps and guide-books

• seedlings of the trees

• regional literature – photo-books about Czech Paradise

• arboretum guide services and also for its suroundings

GPS position

N 50° 32.923', E 15° 10.996'



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