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Memorial Site by the Eger (Ohre) River

Towards the conclusion of the war conflict and its development to the detriment of the Nazis, the Nazi criminals tried to obliterate evidence of their inhumane acts. A big amount of incriminating documents were destroyed in Terezin including traces of the victims of the Jewish ghetto. In November 1944, the SS- Camp headquarters ordered the cleaning of the Columbarium (for more information see stop No. 8). A group of prisoners was charged with this order and consequently took out all the urns out of the Columbarium. Some of the urns were buried near the Litomerice concentration camp but a large number of them were emptied into the Eger river on its left side about 500 meters from the Terezin bridge in the area of Litomerice basin. Thru this act, the remains of approximately 22,000 victims who perished in the Terezin ghetto were destroyed. These crimes are commemorated on the spot where the ashes were thrown into the river Eger. Shortly after the war, a Star of David, made of birch trunks, and a little monument were placed here. In the seventies, a symbolic granite urn and a bronze plaque with an explanatory text were added, along with a stone staircase leading to the river. A final contribution to the Memorial was a sandstone statue of a praying woman placed here at the beginning of this century.

Terezín pietní místo

původní pomník

GPS position

N 50° 31.019', E 14° 9.183'



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