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Silent Šárka

Baba Nature Monument

The site is located on the left Vltava bank near the northern border of Prague, in Prague-Dejvice borough. It comprises rocks and hillsides above the railway line on the left Vltava bank south of the mouth of the Šárecký brook. This section of the Vltava valley in the north of Prague is of great geomorphological and landscaping value. Baba itself, and the romantic 19th century ruin on it, is a prominent landscape feature that establishes the landscape character of the area. This part of Prague has progressively been losing its former, mostly agricultural periurban character and becoming the forefield of a major city. The establishment of Šárka-Lysolaje Nature Park has played a very positive role in conserving the landscape character.

The site is of outstanding importance in both scientific and conservation respects. It is home to an exceptional wealth of steppe invertebrate fauna. The site is a typical showcase of Lower Vltava wildlife. It is a classic site, profusely visited by nature scientists since the 19th century. The nature monument site contains rock, rift and scree societies on steep rock-faces; the summit tables, having a loess cover in patches, support thermophilous grassland. Tree seedlings become established in the rifts and ravines. The site is a rich habitat for thermophilous fauna. It has been under anthropic pressure since the Bronze Age: a major settlement has been documented on the adjacent plateau. This text was produced using information resources issued by Prague MC Environmental Protection Department. http://envis.praha-mesto.cz.

GPS position

N 50° 6.873', E 14° 23.127'



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