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Silent Šárka

Most prominent Baba residents

Numerous prominent personalities lived in Baba in the 1930s, such as:

Václav Řezáč – novelist and author (5 May 1901 – 22 June 1956) He wrote mostly psychological novels and children’s books. he also authored several film screenplays. His writing took a leftist direction and degraded after the 1948 communist coup. Along with Jan Drda, he dictated the direction of leftist literature, gaining a shared nickname “Drzáč”.

Emílie Paličková – lacemaker (1892 – ?) She spent her youth in Bulgaria. She studied an applied arts school in Sofia, and continued her studies in Prague. She designed woven rugs, quilts and batik. She got a job in the State Education Institute for the Home Industry in 1919, and soon acquired skill in lacemaking. From the very start, she designed laces using all the production techniques and for various uses. Her designs superseded the Vienna patterns that were still being reproduced. She was called up as a professor at the Applied Arts College in 1946. She thus laid the foundation for the renown of modern Czech lace.

Julius Glücklich – historian (1876–1950) Historian with a Czech-Jewish background. After grammar school, he enrolled with Prague University, where he studied history and philosophy. He worked in Prague, but later on also in Brno and Olomouc. His scientific interest focused on Reformation, specifically the pre-White Mountain period. His papers mostly dealt with the Czech estates’ politics in the early decades of the 17th century.

Jan Bělehrádek – physician, biologist (18 Dec 1896 – 8 May 1980) One of the leaders of Czech biology and Czech political and social events of the 20th centuries. Chancellor of Charles University, he laid the foundations of a separate scientific discipline in Czechoslovakia. He has been regarded as the pioneer of the philosophical school of biology; he represented the Czechoslovak Republic in international scientific and cultural organizations; he can be seen in photographs with President E. Beneš, Jan Masaryk and others. He was imprisoned in Terezín during the War. He emigrated after 1948 and spent the rest of his life in London.

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