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Silent Šárka

Establishment of Baba villa neighbourhood

The neighbourhood was established in the 1930s as an example of model housing by the Czechoslovak Work Association. The houses are of various types, with one or two flats or studio villas. Their arrangement resembles the chessboard; it is horizontal in several rows situated above each other in the rising terrain, and alternating in the rows to let sunlight into the rows behind. IT was presented that the houses would be of high quality, with layouts differing from house to house, equipped with central heating, hot water, modern electrical lighting, enough air, daylight and sunshine everywhere. For economic reasons, a co-operative laundry and a shared telephone were envisaged. Great attention was also paid to the gardens. The plot sizes ranged from 420 to 1520 m2. The overall appearance too was to be perfect, with meticulous roadways and sidewalks and electric street lighting. House numbers were supposed to have separate illumination. The construction of massive fences and walls, common at that era, was restricted and replaced with appropriate shrubs forming hedges. The overall design was made by Pavel Janák; the houses were designed by both established and young architects. The neighbourhood was developed gradually between 1932 and 1940. The villa neighbourhood was presented as an exhibition of contemporary housing. It started on 7 September 1932 and lasted all autumn. It was visited by 12,000 viewers. The unprecedented demand was certainly caused by the fact that the exhibition took place not “under one roof” but in eight houses that had been built within several months. The visitors were allowed to walk around the new villas and perceive the benefits of Functionalist architecture first-hand. Baba neighbourhood has been a heritage zone since 1993, but the protection level is insufficient. The only thing that could prevent the progressive degeneration of the neighbourhood would be to classify each building as a cultural heritage property, which cannot be handled as one pleases. This text was produced using information resources of http://www.jedinak.cz – an article by Petr Volf.

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