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Straznice Region


Some of the wine cellars in Petrov (part called Plze) are decorated with colourful painted ornaments. Although generally liked by ordinary people, the ornaments are something of a sore in the eye of many professional ethnographers and conservationists who appreciate the historical value of the cellars, but do not approve of the decorations which they regard as folkloristic kitsch. Sometimes the ornament really is being painted on the wine cellar merely for the tourists’ sake, but more often than not it has a genuine value for the owner – it can be a link to a family history, an expression of regard for the generations of winemakers from the past, the local tradition, and the region.

The Petrov ornament

The Petrov ornament differs from the ornament of the neighbouring town of Straznice. Although they may seem similar, the main important detail missing in the Petrov type is the motif of a cockerel. The range of colours is also similar, but the orange colour used for some of the flower motifs is typical for Petrov. The Petrov ornament is usually a colourful bouquet; on the wavy lines coming from the centre heart or urn leaves, blossoms, grapes and tendrils of vine grow upwards or sideways. The popular flowers used in the ornament include tulips, daisies, carnations, and forget-me-nots. The main motif is a large rose trimmed with blue crescents; oval, vagina-like motifs were traditionally used as symbols of fertility.

wine cellars in Petrov

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