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Straznice Region


The oldest record of a painted ornament from Straznice is a photograph from the late 19th century, which shows a painted ornamental border along the ceiling of the chapel in the local Staznice castle. The elaborate ornamental decoration was the work of ornament painters from the surrounding villages.

ornament from Straznice

In 1920 a cooperative of ornament painters and embroiders was created. One of the founders, the ornament painter Anna Dudikova, was inspired by a similar cooperative in Slovakia (association of potters in Modra near Bratislava). Other two important supporters of the idea were the local teacher Bozena Hrejsova and the headmaster Vaclav Jicha. The local co-op later became a model for other ornament painters in Moravian Slovakia who formed their own associations in other parts of the region. These days, most of the ornaments in Straznice are painted by Marie Holubikova.

ornament painter from Strážnice

The Straznice painted ornament has become famous also thanks to the Straznice international folk festival, since it was used to decorate buildings, festival gateways, and souvenirs. Now the painted ornament constitutes part of the festival scene.

ornament painter from Strážnice

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